Unisex Reusable Surgical Gown
Unisex Reusable Surgical Gown
Unisex Reusable Surgical Gown
Unisex Reusable Surgical Gown
Unisex Reusable Surgical Gown

High Performance Polyester Reusable Surgical Gown

TECBOD high performance reusable surgical gowns serise is applicable for both high & moderate risk procedures, meet the standards of EN13795 and ANSI/AAMI/ASTM, CE certified and FDA 510K authorized process. The innovative polyester as raw materials makes the gown also goes with the properties as below:

* Recyclable over 105+ times.
* Autoclavable
* Low temperature laundering for energy saving
* Cost-effectively to compare with the disposable types
* liquid proof and impermeable
* High efficiency moisture vaporization for better breathability
* Strong colour fastness


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High Performance Polyester Reusable Surgical Gown

Whether you're looking to reduce waste, save money, or enhance your hospital's eco-friendly practices, reusable surgical gowns are a fantastic option. TECBOD's reusable surgical gown can fulfill your requirement above and providing the maximum protection for the wearers.

Type: Non-sterile (Laundering and Sterilization Suggestion will be provided)
Raw Material: Polyester and Carbon Fiber
Fabric Weight: 150-250gsm
Design: Wraparound, Reglan Long Sleeves
Cuffs: Knitted Elastic Wrist Bands
Critical Zones: Forearms and Chest to Knees


Size Length Width Circumference
Medium 43.5"(111 cm) 24.5"(63 cm) 63.5"(161 cm)
Large 46.5"(118 cm) 25.6"(66 cm) 63.5"(161 cm)
Extra Large 50.5"(128 cm) 28.5"(72 cm) 68.5"(174 cm)
XX Large 54.5"(138 cm) 30.5"(78 cm) 73"(186 cm)


Sleeves Back Closure Cuffs Colors

TECBOD is a medical textile and catheter customised(ODM/OEM) solution manufacturer. Producing process compliant to the international regulation(ISO13485) and product quality inspection base on both European and US standards.Strictly with each steps from the raw materials to the finished products, ensuring the control for the product quality, base cost and production lead time. Tailor-making solution is base on your needs and practical feedback updated by our clients(Collected from the front line professionals) after all these years! What you concern is what we concern. Let's explore more possibilities in the coming future!

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