Medical Infection Control Solution Manufacturer
Hello and welcome to the world of Nanning TECBOD Biological Technology Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer specialising in professional medical apparels, personal protective equipment, and surgical consumable solutions for over two decades. Our products are registered, authorised, and certified by FDA, ISO, and CE, ensuring their quality and safety.

We take pride in investing in research and development to upgrade our products and provide the highest level of protection possible. With multiple product functions to meet the user's needs, we are committed to providing the best solutions for our customers.

Here are the 4 product categories of our majors, they are:

1. Professional Medical Apparels, includes:
A. Surgical Gowns(Reusable or Disposable)
B. Isolation Gowns(Surgical or Non-Surgical)
C. Medical Scrubs Sets(Unisex, Long or Short Sleeves, Suits, Top and Pants etc.)
D. Clean Air Suits
E. Hospital Uniforms(For the Doctors, Nurses, Patience etc.)

2. Surgical Consumable Solutions, includes:
A. Types of Drainage and Irrigation Catheters(For Abdomen, Chest, Anus etc. )
B. Different Types of Drapes and Sheets to Meet Surgical Needs.
C. Surgical Protective Gears such as Surgical Bouffant Cap, Facemask & Shield, Gloves etc.

3. Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), includes:
A. Head Protective Covers
B. Face and Eyes Safety
C. Hand Protection
D. Medical Protective Suits
E. Medical Shoe Covers & Footwear

4. Rapid Test Kits Precaution, includes:
A. Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test Kits
B. Covid-19 RT PCR Rapid Test Kits
C. Monkeypox Rapid Test Kits
D. Sample/Specimen Collection Kits

Our team consists of over 100 skilful production line staff who work diligently to guarantee product quality and timely delivery.

At Nanning TECBOD Biological Technology Co.,Ltd., we also offer standard product details and the opportunity for OEM/ODM services for your products. So, feel free to contact us and let's explore more possibilities together.


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