Disposable Medical Protective Coveralls
Disposable Medical Protective Coveralls

Disposable PPE Medical Protective Clothing

This hooded coverall is produced with microporous & SMS non-woven fabric which provide you a soft, high breathable, anti-static, extra cool feeling while protect you the best.

* Light Weight
* Liquid Barrier
* High Breathability
* Anti-Static
* Comfort Fit
* Flexible Stretch
* Full Protection
* Low Lint Generating


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Disposable PPE Medical Protective Clothing

TEDBOD's T-Procov Medical Coveralls as Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) are designed to provide wearers the chemical and liquid splash protection. Thanks to its lightweight composition, elasticated hood, cuffs, waist back, ankles design, featured with waterproof seams sealing tape and front zipper self-adhesive flap, maximized the protection.


Fabric: SMS
Fabric Weight: 65 gsm
Color: White with blue tapes
Seams: Ultrasonically tape welded
Closure: Front flap with single-way zipper and sel-adhesive chin strap
Elasticated: Hood, cuffs, half waist and ankles
Latex & silicon free



* Coverall- Decrease contamination risks
* Elastic hood, waist back, cuffs, and ankles- Comfortable fit and flexible strech
* Front zipper flap-Maximized the barrier from contaminant and liquid splash
* Conjoined boots and anti-slip soles: Provide head-to-toe protection
* Seams tapes: Higher protection against fluid leaks


TECBOD is a medical textile and catheter customised(ODM/OEM) solution manufacturer. Producing process compliant to the international regulation(ISO13485) and product quality inspection base on both European and US standards.Strictly with each steps from the raw materials to the finished products, ensuring the control for the product quality, base cost and production lead time. Tailor-making solution is base on your needs and practical feedback updated by our clients(Collected from the front line professionals) after all these years! What you concern is what we concern. Let's explore more possibilities in the coming future!

Raw Materials of Non-Woven Fabric Fabric for Disposable Gowns On the Production Line

Inspection Before Packing Standard Sealed Packaging Get Ready to Ship

Q: What materials are used in your medical disposable coveralls?
A: Our medical disposable coveralls are made from high-quality, non-woven materials that are breathable, comfortable, and provide excellent protection against fluids and contaminants.

Q: How do your coveralls ensure maximum protection for medical professionals?
A: Our coveralls are designed to provide full-body protection, with features such as elastic cuffs, ankle and waist closures, and a hood to ensure that no part of the body is exposed to potential contaminants.

Q: What certifications do your medical disposable coveralls have?
A: Our coveralls are certified by various regulatory bodies, including the FDA, CE, and ISO, ensuring that they meet the highest standards for quality and safety.

Q: Can your coveralls be used in high-risk medical environments?
A: Yes, our coveralls are suitable for use in high-risk medical environments, such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, where protection against infectious diseases and other hazards is essential.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your medical disposable coveralls?
A: We have strict quality control measures in place, including regular testing and inspections, to ensure that our coveralls meet the highest standards for quality and safety.

Q: What sizes are available for your medical disposable coveralls?
A: Our coveralls are available in a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all medical professionals, from small to extra-large.

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