Sterile Stool Management System

Hygienic Discharging & Collecting Sterile Closed Stool Management System

The multi-piece faecal management system is designed for removing and collecting semi-liquid and liquid fecal waste from bedridden or immobilized, incontinent patients hygienically. This protects the patient's skin against contamination and avoids skin damage and help to reduce the spread of nosocomial infections.

Key Features:
* Build in indicator provides visual indication to help prevent overfilling, which helps indicate optimal fill
* Soft retention balloon with catheter
* Innovative raw material pocket for ease of insertion
* Charcoal-filtered vented bag
* Sampling port provides access to the catheter for safe and easy stool collection

* Medication delivery via irrigation port

Manufacturer: TECBOD

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Hygienic Discharging & Collecting Sterile Closed Stool Management System

TECBOD's sterile stool management system is an indwelling fecal management catheter intended for use to manage fecal incontinence through the collection of liquid to semi-liquid stool and to provide access to administer medications. This system features the protect indicator, our unique over inflation warning system and a patented blue finger pocket for easy and accurate placement of the soft silicone retention balloon.


1. Catheter hose*1
2. Collection bag withactive carbon filter*1
3. Replacement bags*2
4. Syringe with Luer lock connection for filling/ emtying the ballon and for flushing the system*1
5. Clamp mount for easy attachment to the patients bed*1
6. Velcro loops for easy fixing of the system to the patient’s bed*1
7. Catheter clamp*1


TECBOD is a medical textile and catheter customised(ODM/OEM) solution manufacturer. Producing process compliant to the international regulation(ISO13485) and product quality inspection base on both European and US standards.Strictly with each steps from the raw materials to the finished products, ensuring the control for the product quality, base cost and production lead time. Tailor-making solution is base on your needs and practical feedback updated by our clients(Collected from the front line professionals) after all these years! What you concern is what we concern. Let's explore more possibilities in the coming future!

Raw Material of Non-Woven Fabric Fabric for Disposable Bouffant Cap On the Production Line

Inspection Before Packing Sealed Packaging Get Ready to Ship

Q: What is a sterile stool management system?
A: A Stool Management System is used to contain and divert liquid or semi-liquid stool in patients with little or no bowel control in order to protect the patient’s skin and minimize exposure to infectious microorganisms.
Q: How long can a FMS stay in?
A: This product can be used for maximum 29 consecutive days once inserted. Replace with new FMS only with clinician agreement regarding continued need and risk/ benefit of continued use of device.

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